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We support entrepreneurs.

At QAALA, we believe in the little guy with big dreams. That’s why we exclusively invest in startups, no matter the industry. If you have aspirations for a profitable business, we are willing
to help you achieve your goals. We think you have what it takes to become a success story; all you have to do is prove us right. This is your opportunity to show the world what you’re capable of.

Let us become your collaborative partner.

We take an untraditional approach at QAALA. We are a direct, private lender and we maintain that working closely with our entrepreneurs will create the best result. We’re more than just a loan: our team of professionals know how business startups operate and know how to create growth. We are willing to dedicate our time and resources to help you grow as an entrepreneur. Our goal is to be as responsive, easily accessible, and supportive as possible for our business owners.

What is QAALA?

Quantum Aggregation And Leveraged Assets

To understand who we are it might be best to describe who we are not. Today’s business investors can range from private equity firms and their “financial engineering” to recent MBA’s trying to run their first business (yours!).
We’re not from Wall Street and we don’t advertise our list of “Ivy League” MBA’s. We are a group of entrepreneurs and executives who are buying companies where we are actively involved in the strategic planning and efforts to continue to grow and build the business.
We believe in investing in human capital so we only invest in very early stages; before your sweat and tears translate to any success. Its hard to do it alone so you may want a team that has both capital and the successful entrepreneurial experience on the “front lines”.
We bring the executive experience to help you build best practices into the business you’re dreaming about. We work in collaboration with you to take the business to the next level. If that sounds like a fit, we might be the right lender and investor for you!

Thank you David and the team. Your loan and advice helped me take my business from idea to reality. I am looking forward to continued cooperation

Bella M.

I sent the request for interview on Tuesday, got the application filled out that evening(was super easy) and got approved on Friday!

Not sure I believed it could be that easy but I thank you for supporting me and my idea! Thank you!

Jeffrey Tu

Our Proven Process Produces Results


After initial conversation we forward an application your way. If we like your file than we will let you know within 48 hours.


Once approved, we  will set up the documents for signatures, bank account for disbursement of funds and repayment mechanism.


We disburse funds, usually, within a week after initial meeting. You execute your business idea immediately

4. Evaluating

After 90 days we evaluate progress, make suggestions for adjustment and evaluate your new needs and completed steps.

5. Growth phaze

This phase should be even easier to determine. We now know more about your business and your abilities.

Additional support and investment may be available for rapid growth.

We’re Here To Help Your Business Blast Off!

First a $20,000 loan to support very early stage.

Than investment for your future rapid growth.